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Welcome to BrainSpa - Elevating your mood through Neurofeedback


Here at BrainSpa we understand that your mood can affect the quality of life you enjoy. We are committed to providing you with an emotional journey of balance and harmony using neurofeedback. We are committed to helping you rediscover your joy and control over emotions with cutting-edge technologies and an experienced team.

Why BrainSpa is the Best Treatment for Your Mental/Mood Condition:

We at BrainSpa are experts in using neurofeedback as a tool to treat mood disorders. Neurofeedback, a drug-free and non-invasive approach to mood regulation that targets neural pathways in the brain directly, is an effective way of regulating emotions. Our customized neurofeedback sessions will empower you to find your own path toward emotional wellbeing. We are doing customized brain assent first in a Spa or remotely and provide customized protocol how to improve your mood factors.After your receiving your personalized protocol of mood enhancement, you can buy or rent one of our devices (based on the outcome of assessment) BrainBit, BrainBit Flex or Callibri and use at your convenience at home, Usualy once a month you can schedule your consultation ether in near BrainSpa or online to tune up the program.

Our Approach

The BrainSpa Experience

Imagine yourself in a tranquil sanctuary, where you can find peace of mind. BrainSpa is a place of your amazing transformation. You’ll feel a sense of calm and comfort the minute you walk through our door.

Revitalize your life:

Discover the joys of simple things. Neurofeedback is not just for mood disorders, but can also improve your quality of living. You can improve your sleep and energy by regulating the brain’s activity.

Start Your journey today:

Do you want to be free of the chains that bind your mood and live a positive life? Come to BrainSpa today and make the first move towards a better future. Our team of compassionate professionals is ready to help you transform your life.

Unlock emotional wellness:

Reclaim control

No longer let your mood dictate how you live. Live the life that you deserve by taking control of your feelings. Call us to set up your appointment and begin the journey towards emotional freedom.

Here at BrainSpa believe everyone should live a happy and harmonious life. We want to be your partners in a positive, bright future.
Disclaimer: This information is provided for educational purposes only and shouldn't be considered as medical advice. Before making changes to your routine, consult a healthcare professional.
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