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BrainSpa believes in the use of advanced technology to improve education for all learners. The innovative way that we use neurofeedback in education is revolutionizing how people learn and study. It also helps them excel on tests and exams. In this world, cognitive advances meet personalized learning. Every person’s full potential will be recognized and amplified.

What is BrainSpa?

The demand for learning strategies that are effective has never been greater. BrainSpa is at the forefront, using the science behind neurofeedback in order to create a dynamic and holistic learning experience. The integrated platform provides a range of benefits.

The benefits


Unlock your Full Potential With BrainSpa

Our commitment to holistic educational is unwavering at BrainSpa. Learning is more than just rote memory. It’s about cognitive empowerment. We invite you to join us in a journey of transformation where learners become active participants and are equipped with these tools.

Sessions de Neurofeedback:

We usually start with personalized assessment of your brain via brain assessment, after that we create a customized protocol that you can follow at convenience of your home using one of our devices (based on assessment outcome and protocols created): BrainBit, BrainBit Flex or Callibri. These sessions target certain cognitive functions such as attention span, memory retrieval, and stress management. The sessions are supported by research, and they’re conducted in an environment that is controlled and supportive. And you can either come to a nearby BrainSpa to tune your protocols or can do it online with one of our brain couches.

Track your progress

with our easy-to-use tools. You will be able to see your progress first-hand, as your memory, focus and learning experiences improve.

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Disclaimer: This information is provided for educational purposes only and shouldn't be considered as medical advice. Before making changes to your routine, consult a healthcare professional.
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