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Remote Neurofeedback

Welcome to BrainSpa: your Virtual Oasis for Mental Wellness.

Redefining Brain Health through Remote Neurofeedback.

Welcome to BrainSpa, your future of mental wellbeing delivered directly into the comfort of your own home. In today’s busy world, finding time for mental wellbeing can be challenging; that’s why our remote neurofeedback solutions allow for customized programs with scientific-backed protocols delivered right into the comfort of your own living room!

Custom Designed Protocols Available Any Time and Any Where

Once we complete your brain assessment, we create custom protocols to tailor remote training protocols tailored specifically for you. By combining brain map data with intake forms tailored specifically to you, we’re able to gain insight into your state of mind, concerns and goals to tailor neurofeedback training protocols accordingly. You can useone of our devices (based on a custom protocol): BrainBit, BrainBit Flex or Callibri at convenience of your home.

BrainSpa’s experienced brain coaches serve as your personal neurofeedback advisors, working together with you to craft an ideal physical space for neurofeedback training and provide expert guidance throughout. As your participation brings desired levels of relaxation, performance or focus for which visual stimuli or auditory feedback directly through an app reward you – an approach known as training can bring great rewards!

Remote neurofeedback

Our neurofeedback program measure electrical activity from our devices in your brain so you can become aware of both optimal and undesirable brainwaves; this allows for you to become more in control of how you react to stimuli as well as create neural pathways which make the operation of your mind more efficient.

You can come for evaluation and tune up in any of BrainSpa’s near you or online to evaluate how well you are progressing and make adjustments as necessary, providing brain expert insights from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

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Why us

Why choose BrainSpa's Remote Neurofeedback?

Beginning Your Journey towards Improved Brain Health

BrainSpa offers more than just clients; its community is focused on revolutionizing mental wellness for the digital era. Don’t let location or schedule prevent you from attaining mental balance!

Custom-tailored for You

Every brain is different, which is why our comprehensive assessment ensures a neurofeedback plan tailored precisely for you and your mental wellness goals.

Expertly Guided

Your remote sessions will be managed by experienced professionals dedicated to your cognitive and emotional well-being.

Measurable Results

Utilizing data-driven approaches allows for real-time tracking and adjustments as you go along, so your plans can adapt as your progress does.

Safety First

Our technology is noninvasive and drug free. Furthermore, it conforms to the highest data security standards.

Provide Maximum Convenience

Join sessions from any location–whether that means your living room, office space or hotel room!

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BrainSpa is not only about healing, but also about helping people thrive. Our innovative neurofeedback method will help you regain control and rediscover your joy. We are here to help you at every stage.
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