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The BrainSpa: Neurofeedback for Migraine Relief

Migrane Overview

Nearly 40 million Americans suffer from migraine headaches regularly. Migraines or chronic headaches are not curable, so people with these conditions often miss school, work and family functions. Families, friends and co-workers suffer along with a migraine patient. In addition to the physical strain of migraines, the emotional impact is also important to take into consideration.

While there are still many questions about the cause of migraines, they have become a more well-understood neurological condition. The cause of migraines is a difference in brain functions that creates a state of high stress in the brain. The increase of sympathetic responses and decreases of parasympathetic reactions causes a severe imbalance in brainwave functions.

The treatments for migraine headaches are classified into two categories:

Preventative and acute. Over-the-counter medications and prescription drugs like triptans or ergotamine are acute treatments that relieve the symptoms of a migraine attack. Prevention treatments can reduce the likelihood of migraines occurring. It is often medicines such as beta-blockers, antiepileptics, or certain antidepressants. These treatments are not without side effects, but also do not treat the full range of symptoms that can be experienced during migraines.

We at BrainSpa understand how migraines can affect your life. We’ve used neurofeedback as a way to offer a holistic solution for migraines. We combine cutting-edge technologies, expert insight, and a tranquil environment in our innovative approach to migraine relief.

Understand Neurofeedback for Migraines

The neurofeedback technique is an innovative way to harness the remarkable brain ability to adapt. This non-invasive technique teaches the mind to control its own activity. It leads to an improved function as well as reduced symptoms. Neurofeedback is a hope for migraineurs. Neurofeedback is a way to correct these neural imbalances.

A personalized path to Migraine Relief

We at BrainSpa recognize that each individual is different. Our approach starts with an assessment of the brain activity of each individual and their migraine history. A team of professionals including neurologists, neurofeedback experts, and other skilled professionals tailor a neurofeedback program tailored to your needs.

Why choose BrainSpa?

Start Your Journey Now

Bid adieu to migraines and the restrictions they place on your daily life. BrainSpa is the perfect place to start your journey toward lasting relief. You can reclaim your time, gain your energy, and enjoy a life free of headaches. We usually starts with brain assesments and create personalized protocols of neurofeedback. You can use our devices at home to follow those protocols: BrainBit, BrainBit Flex or Callibri. You can always come to nearest BrainSpa center or do it online via telehealth to tune up your protocls.

Are you ready to make the first move?

Discover the potential of neurofeedback to change your life. Contact us today to begin your customized path towards migraine relief.

You can start your journey towards a life free of migraines today. Take action today!

Disclaimer: This information is provided for educational purposes only and shouldn't be considered as medical advice. Before making changes to your routine, consult a healthcare professional.
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