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Partnerships / Verticals

At BrainSpa, we understand the diverse needs of different sectors and communities. That’s why we offer tailor-made solutions to integrate our innovative neurofeedback and wellness programs across various industries. Discover how BrainSpa can enhance the well-being and performance of individuals in your sector.

Employee Wellness Solution

Enhancing Productivity and Well-Being in the Workplace

Our programs aim to reduce work-related stress, enhance focus, and boost productivity. By integrating BrainSpa into your corporate wellness initiatives, you contribute to creating a healthier, happier, and more engaged workforce.

Medical and Cosmetic Spas

Integrating Mental Wellness into Holistic Health Practices

Medical and cosmetic spas can elevate their client experience by incorporating BrainSpa’s neurofeedback services. Help your clients achieve a balanced state of mind, enhancing the effects of your physical treatments and promoting overall well-being.


Offering a Unique Wellness Retreat Experience

Resorts can stand out by providing guests with a unique and innovative wellness experience. BrainSpa’s neurofeedback programs offer relaxation, stress reduction, and mental clarity, adding significant value to your wellness packages.


Expanding Access to Mental Wellness Services

BrainSpa’s remote neurofeedback solutions seamlessly integrate into telehealth platforms, allowing healthcare providers to offer innovative mental wellness services to clients, regardless of their location.

Education and Tutoring

Boosting Focus and Learning Capabilities

Students and learners of all ages can benefit from BrainSpa’s programs. Enhance concentration, reduce anxiety, and improve academic performance with our tailor-made neurofeedback solutions for the education sector.

Sports Teams

Optimizing Mental Performance for Athletes

Help athletes reach their full potential with BrainSpa. Our programs aim to enhance focus, reduce performance anxiety, and improve overall mental resilience, contributing to better performance on the field or court.

Multispecialty Clinics

Complementing Medical Treatments with Neurofeedback

Multispecialty clinics can integrate BrainSpa’s neurofeedback solutions to offer comprehensive treatment plans for their patients. Enhance the efficacy of medical treatments and contribute to the holistic health of your clients.

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Interested in partnering with BrainSpa? We are committed to creating mutually beneficial relationships that enhance mental wellness across industries. Contact us today to discuss how BrainSpa can be integrated into your sector.
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