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BrainSpa invites you to become a part of a growing trend in wellness and mental health, providing a unique franchise opportunity in the neurotechnology sector. With a potential to earn from 480 thousand rubles per month and enjoy a margin of 240%, you are set to thrive in a booming industry.

Growing Federal Network

Become a Part of a Federal Network with Thousands of Satisfied Clients

Comprehensive Franchise Package

Get Started easily with Our Comprehensive Franchise Package which contains Marketing Kit, Financial & Presentation.

Our Commitment to Your Success

You will Get Ongoing Marketing, Staffing and General Support From BrainSpa.

A Unique Wellness Franchise: What do you get?


Empowering You with Knowledge and Skills

Partnering with BrainSpa means gaining access to a wealth of knowledge and training to ensure you are well-equipped to provide top-notch services. Our education program, developed in collaboration with True Bearing Academy, offers extensive training courses covering the essentials of neurofeedback, brain health, and wellness practices.

Grand Rounds

Collaborative Learning and Case Discussions

Engage in interactive learning sessions and case discussions through our Grand Rounds program, also in partnership with True Bearing Academy. This platform fosters a collaborative environment, encouraging the sharing of knowledge and experiences among practitioners to enhance collective expertise.


Guidance and Support for Your Journey

Our coaching program, provided by True Bearing Academy, offers personalized guidance to help you navigate the challenges of establishing and running your own BrainSpa center. Benefit from the insights and experiences of seasoned professionals to ensure your success.

Neurofeedback Training

Specialized Training for Excellence

True Bearing Academy’s Neurofeedback Training program is designed to equip you with the practical skills and knowledge needed to effectively utilize neurofeedback technologies and methodologies, ensuring that you provide unparalleled services to your clients.


Building Your Brand and Clientele

Our dedicated marketing team, led by Narina Arzuman, is here to assist you in establishing a strong online and offline presence, helping to attract and retain clients. Benefit from proven marketing strategies tailored to the wellness and neurofeedback industry.

Webinar Series

Continual Learning and Development

Stay updated with the latest in neurofeedback and wellness through our Webinar Series, in collaboration with Divergence Neuro. These webinars provide ongoing education, industry insights, and the opportunity to connect with experts and practitioners from around the world.

Three Simple Steps to Stable Profits

Become a Part of a Federal Network with Thousands of Satisfied Clients

When you choose BrainSpa, you are not just opening a business; you are joining a community and a network that is expanding across the nation.

Easy Start with Our Comprehensive Franchise Package

Upon joining us, you will receive:

  1. A Marketing Kit: Tools and strategies to establish your brand and attract clients.
  2. A Current Financial Model: Insights and plans to ensure your financial success.
  3. A Presentation: Comprehensive information about BrainSpa and how it can transform lives.

Our Commitment to Your Success

Marketing Strategies

We will teach you the ropes, install and configure your CRM, and conduct sales training.

Staffing Support

Assistance in hiring and training your staff for optimum performance.

Why Choose BrainSpa?

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