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Tinitus Overview

Tinnitus occurs when you hear ringing in your ears or any other sounds. Tinnitus doesn’t sound like an external noise, so other people can’t usually hear the noise. Tinnitus affects many people. About 15%-20% of the population is affected, with older adults being most susceptible.

Tinnitus can be caused by a number of conditions, including age-related hearing impairment, ear injuries, or circulatory problems. Tinnitus can be reduced or even eliminated by treating the cause.

About 90% of those with tinnitus have also suffered hearing loss. Many people do not realize they have hearing loss, but notice a “ringing” in their ears.

How BrainSpa is helpful for Tinitus:

There is no effective way to eliminate chronic tinnitus. Recent developments indicate that neurofeedback, a treatment method used to treat other neurological and psychological disorders, could be a viable alternative. BrainSpa neurofeedback protocols, a noninvasive technique based on the visualisation of specific aspects of brain function as either positive or negative feedback and electrophysiological recording of these features allows patients to control their own brain activity. This ultimately helps them unlearn typical patterns of neural activity related to tinnitus. Neurofeedback for chronic tinnitus has shown positive results. However, more research is required to create more complex protocols to address the needs of each tinnitus patient.

We at BrainSpa understand how tinnitus can affect your life. We are committed to offering you an innovative and holistic solution using neurofeedback. You’ve found the place to go if you want relief from persistent ringing.

Neurofeedback to relieve Tinnitus by unlocking inner harmony

Tinnitus can affect your quality of life and peace of mind. The traditional treatments are not always effective in providing long-lasting relief. Neurofeedback is the revolutionary treatment BrainSpa offers.

The brain has a remarkable capacity to organize itself. This is known as Neuroplasticity. The tailored sessions of neurofeedback are aimed at retraining neural pathways that control tinnitus. We aim to decrease the frequency and intensity of tinnitus by guiding your mind toward more harmonious and balanced patterns of brain activity.

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