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Post-traumatic disorder

The post-traumatic disorder can be a disorder of the mind that develops after a traumatizing event such as a sexual assault, a war, a traffic accident, child abuse or any other threat to one’s safety. The disorder is marked by symptoms that are disturbing and interfere with everyday functioning. The symptoms of post-traumatic disorder can appear immediately after a trauma or years later. They include intrusive thoughts or the reliving the experience.

COVID-19 has had an impact that is positive on post-traumatic disorder due to the increase in sales of products for the maintenance of post-traumatic conditions. A survey by WHO found that about 60% of high-income nations provided consultations in telemedicine or teletherapy to patients suffering from severe post-traumatic disorder symptoms. Pharmaceutical Companies during the pandemic concentrated on keeping a balance of supply and demand to maintain their drug sales. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic caused a decrease in the number of psychotherapies for a large group of patients. This led to an increase in drugs and medications intended to treat post-traumatic disorders. In 2020, for example, the prescription drug market for post-traumatic disorders and stress anxiety grew by 18%.

Your brain will trigger a strong stress response when you are exposed to traumatizing events or situations. Stress can cause dramatic physical changes to the brain. Trauma affects the brain’s amygdala (which is the part responsible for emotional memory), the hippocampus (which is the part responsible for long term memory) and the prefrontal cortex, responsible for emotion modulation. Brainwaves are negatively affected when these brain structures, which form the core of your brain, are damaged.

We at BrainSpa understand the challenges of healing from PTSD, but that it does not have to be a lonely journey. Our innovative and scientifically-proven approach to neurofeedback for PTSD offers you a renewed sense of hope and empowerment. Enter a world of cutting-edge technologies and compassionate care that will guide you to a peaceful, balanced life.

Unlocking Neurofeedback's Power for PTSD

Our approach is based on the revolutionary power of Neurofeedback, a technique that uses the remarkable capacity of the brain to rewire. The brain is often affected by PTSD, causing patterns of anxiety and stress that are overwhelming. Neurofeedback is a technique that gently guides your brainwaves to a calm, balanced state. We help your brain learn new responses to triggers.

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