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Post Lasik, cataract surgery

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Post Lasik, cataract surgery & Neurofeedback

Neuroadaptation can vary depending on the lens used and the patient. Although there is no cataract, the world is more vivid, brighter, and clearer in most cases, the vision may still be distorted because the brain is not adjusted. The brain adapts gradually. It is known as visual neuroadaptations.

Neuroadaptation can happen faster, slower or never at all depending on the lens, the patient and their lifestyle. Most patients adapt to multifocal lenses within 6-12 months.

After cataract surgery, there is no set time when the halos should disappear.

Cataracts are often associated with haloes.  are most visible at night. If you do experience them, there are steps you can take to minimize them.

Some people may need different glasses after three months. If your vision worsensfollowing the operation, you might need to use special contact lenses.

You may need to use glare reduction measures if you have already had LASIK surgery or cataract surgery.

At BrainSpa, we understand the significance of clear vision and the transformative power it holds in your daily life. If you’ve undergone cataract or LASIK surgery and are experiencing the discomfort of halo or glare, we’re here to guide you towards a solution that goes beyond traditional approaches. Our revolutionary approach, known as neurofeedback, offers a non-invasive and holistic method to alleviate the challenges you may be facing post-surgery.

The Neurofeedback Advantage

Imagine a world where your visual experience is free from disturbances like halos and glares. Neurofeedback at BrainSpa brings this vision to life. Rather than focusing solely on the physical aspects of your eyes, we delve into the intricate connection between your brain and your visual perception. Our cutting-edge technology monitors your brainwaves and provides real-time feedback, allowing your brain to learn and adapt its responses.

How Neurofeedback Works

Neurofeedback is a personalized and gradual training process that harnesses the brain’s remarkable neuroplasticity. Through specially designed exercises and stimuli, we gently guide your brain towards optimal pathways, helping it to rewire and recalibrate. As you progress through the sessions, you’ll notice a reduction in halo and glare perception, leading to improved visual comfort.

Why Choose BrainSpa?

Experience the BrainSpa Difference

Are you ready to bid farewell to halo and glare disruptions? Join us at BrainSpa and embark on a journey towards enhanced visual comfort and improved quality of life. Reclaim the joy of clear vision and relish in a world free from visual disturbances.

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The first step towards a brighter, glare-free future is a consultation with our experts. Let us assess your unique needs and design a neurofeedback program that suits you best. Say goodbye to visual discomfort and hello to a rejuvenated visual experience.

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Your eyes and brain deserve the best care possible. At BrainSpa, we're committed to helping you achieve visual comfort and clarity. Don't let halo and glare disruptions hinder your daily life any longer. Take action today and embark on a transformative journey with us.
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