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Brain Assessment

Welcome to BrainSpa: Where Minds Find Balance.

Discover Your Mind through Custom Neurofeedback Protocols

Welcome to BrainSpa, your sanctuary for optimal brain wellness and optimization! Just as exercise, nutrition and rest benefit the physical body, so too should neurofeedback provide immediate stress relief, improve concentration and contribute to long-term brain health. At BrainSpa we are passionate about providing personalized neurofeedback protocols designed to achieve balanced minds – at BrainSpa our personalized neurofeedback protocols aim at doing just this! Our state-of-the-art services aim at offering immediate stress relief while simultaneously contributing long-term brain wellness benefits.

Cloud based remote assessment platform

Quantify the impact of each patient’s treatment plan, so they can see their progress and continue with confidence.

  • 5-minute assessment protocols by Divergence
  • Dozens of metrics and indices
  • Remote or in the BrainSpa

After your personalized brain assessment you can use one of our devices (at convenience of your home: BrainBitBrainBit Flex or Callibri)

Amplify Your Impact with BrainSpa Remote Neurofeedback Solution

Neurofeedback from Anywhere

Treat and communicate from anywhere at any time, thanks to our intuitive, user-friendly cloud technology.

Why us

Why choose BrainSpa?

Individualized Plans

Since every brain is unique, our experienced wellness team conducts in-depth analyses in order to tailor a program specifically to you.

Professional Team

Led by industry-renowned neuroscientists and mental health specialists, our expert team is focused on offering superior experiences.

Proven Results

Our approach has produced remarkable improvements in focus, emotional wellbeing and cognitive function.

Safety & Noninvasive Practice

Our neurofeedback protocols are entirely safe, medication-free and offer zero downtime.

Flexible Scheduling

At our center, we understand how busy modern life can be; therefore we offer convenient appointment slots throughout the weekday evening and weekend schedule.

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Do not navigate the labyrinth of stress, cognitive fatigue or emotional imbalance alone; let BrainSpa guide your way! Book an appointment with one of our specialists and see how personalized neurofeedback protocols can help lead to a more fulfilling lifestyle.

You can start your recovery journey right now. Call us today to set up a consultation, or find out more about the benefits of BrainSpa's Assessment.

BrainSpa is not only about healing, but also about helping people thrive. Our innovative neurofeedback method will help you regain control and rediscover your joy. We are here to help you at every stage.
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