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Do you need help with Depression? PTSD? ADHD? Stress? ADD? Anxiety? Sleep Disorder? Foggy Brain?

Expert Neurofeedback and Therapy in New York and Beyond.

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Do you need help with Depression? PTSD? ADHD? Stress? ADD? Anxiety? Sleep Disorder? Foggy Brain?

Expert Neurofeedback and Therapy in New York and Beyond.


Unleashing Your Brain's Potential with Neurofeedback

Your BrainSpa. Journey:

How can we help?

Where BrainSpa Can Help:

Embark on a journey to discover the foundational aspects of your cognitive and emotional well-being with our Beginner level. At BrainSpa, we gently immerse you into the world of neurofeedback, guiding your brainwaves towards an optimized state, nurturing your attention, memory, and stress management, while fortifying your overall neurological wellbeing and providing a sturdy baseline for advanced mental and emotional development.

Stepping into the Intermediate level, we delve deeper into your brainโ€™s capabilities, addressing more intricate challenges such as anxiety and depression. With our specialized neurofeedback strategies, we enhance your brainโ€™s adaptability, equipping it with the tools to manage nuanced psychological and neurological situations. Here, your mind begins to elevate its resilience, paving the way towards robust mental health.

The Advanced journey at BrainSpa is reserved for mastering the delicate, profound art of cognitive and neurological control. Tackling complex conditions like PTSD and Concussions, our advanced neurofeedback protocols are crafted to guide your brain through a meticulous process of reconditioning and recalibration. This stage is an intimate exploration, delving into profound depths of your neural networks, orchestrating a harmonious balance, and propelling you towards pinnacle cognitive functionality.

Where BrainSpa Can Help

Unlock Your Potential: Discover How BrainSpa Can Elevate Your Mind

Enhance your focus and concentration with our neurofeedback techniques, making day-to-day tasks more manageable.

Stabilize mood fluctuations and promote emotional well-being through our well-designed programs.

Manage and mitigate stress effectively using our holistic brain training methods.

Improve memory recall and retention, aiding in personal and professional growth.

Boost your productivity and performance levels for a more fulfilling work or school experience.

Address sleep disorders and promote healthier sleep cycles for overall wellness.

Improve academic performance and test readiness with our specialized training.

Learn to control body functions, such as heart rate, for improved health and performance.

The procedures

Explore BrainSpa's Cutting-Edge Procedures

Brain Assessment

First we start with Rapid EEG-based assessment protocol that offers detailed neurofunctional insights for mental health and performance enhancement, with further metrics available via add-ons.

Personalized brain protocols

BrainSpa’s NMI Suite offers meditation-based tools, backed by research, for mental health improvement. Includes a comprehensive online course explaining theory, science, and methods behind each protocol.

Remote neurofeedback

We revolutionize neurofeedback with remote treatment design, progress tracking, and live streaming, ensuring secure, private data handling within HIPAA and GDPR frameworks.


Callibri’s Muscle Tracker, a compact wireless device, monitors real-time muscle tension, enhancing understanding of body dynamics for fitness, sports, rehabilitation, and stress management.


Unveiling Cutting-Edge Technology in Brain Health at BrainSpa

Partnerships / Verticals

Discover BrainSpa's Innovative Partnerships and Vertical

Employee wellness solution

Boost productivity and morale by integrating BrainSpa into your corporate wellness programs.

Medical and cosmetic spas

Enhance spa experiences with BrainSpa, promoting holistic wellness and relaxation.


Distinguish your resort with BrainSpa, offering guests unique brain health and relaxation services.


Incorporate BrainSpa into telehealth offerings, providing comprehensive remote brain wellness solutions.


Improve learning outcomes by incorporating BrainSpa into educational and tutoring environments.

Sports Teams

Enhance athletic performance and recovery with BrainSpa, a game-changer for sports teams.

Multispecialty clinics

Broaden patient care services by integrating BrainSpa into multispecialty clinic offerings.

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Discover the BrainSpa Franchise Opportunity

Unlock a world of opportunity in the cutting-edge field of neurotechnology. With our comprehensive support and proven business model, you can establish your own BrainSpa franchise. Dive into this lucrative market and help individuals enhance their cognitive abilities, relaxation, and overall brain health. Franchise brings you value in following areas:

Frequently asked questions

BrainSpa FAQs

A: BrainSpa is a revolutionary service that utilizes neurotechnology to enhance cognitive abilities, relaxation, and overall brain health.

A: BrainSpa uses advanced neurotechnology to stimulate and train the brain, helping individuals improve their cognitive function and mental well-being.

A: Anyone looking to enhance their cognitive abilities, reduce stress, improve relaxation or boost their overall brain health can benefit from BrainSpa.

A: Yes, BrainSpa is a non-invasive, safe method of stimulating and training the brain. However, it’s always recommended to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new wellness program.

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